Arbors with raised garden beds attached
Hexagon raised garden beds
Trellis kits for raised garden beds
Standard raised garden beds
Custom raised garden beds
Custom elevated patio planters
Standard elevated patio planters
Garden benches
Cold frames - Elevated
Cold frames - ground level
Garden benches with raised garden beds attached
Raised Garden Beds
Raised Garden Beds
Standard Elevated Patio Planters
Custom Elevated
Patio Planters
Raised Garden Beds
Garden Benches
Garden Benches with
raised garden beds
Standard & Custom
Arbors with raised
garden beds
Cold Frame

(offered in the Fall)
Cold Frame

(offered in the Fall)
Trellis Kits for
Raised Garden Beds
Trellis kits for elevated patio planters
Trellis Kits
for Elevated
Patio Planters

Small patio planter
Small Patio
Kids sandbox or raised garden bed
Kids' Sandbox -
Raised Garden Bed
Raised Garden Beds by Marleywood

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