Gardening is not only for's also a great activity for children and it can be an educational one also.  The garden can be a great place to teach your kids about the wonders of nature, a little biology, in a way that's fun and likely to spark an interest that will last a lifetime.
Garden for kids
Our "Garden for Kids" raised garden bed kit is made exactly the same as our other raised bed kits, but a smaller version.  Not only can it be your child's "First Garden", it can also be used as a sandbox.  There are no sharp edges or exposed hardware, it is child friendly.  When your children outgrown the sandbox it can be turned into a garden for years more of enjoyment!
Kids Sandbox and or raised garden bed
48"X48"X13" High with 2 Seats

Holds 11 Cubic feet of sand or soil.
Shipping Weight 68 lbs.

4'X4' Sandbox
Give your children a gift that will last a lifetime!
$ 345.00 - Your Price
Custom sizes & designs available - Call for price quote
Raised Garden Beds by Marleywood

Sandbox & Kid's Garden  

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