Display an ornamental plant or specimen tree
Make the rest of your outdoor space envious with our hexagonal raised garden bed.  Its unique shape will accentuate your specimen tree, flower garden or fragrant herb garden.
Hexagon Raised Garden Bed
The sizes available are a 2' diameter, 3' diameter, 4' diameter, 5' diameter and a 6' diameter raised garden bed.  Each raised garden bed is constructed of 2" X 6" side boards and 4" X 4" posts.  The side boards are cut at a precise angle and the hexagon raised garden bed is as easy to assemble as our standard raised garden bed.
Also offered is the Hexagon Raised Garden Bed Tower.  This product consists of two raised garden beds, one 4' diameter raised garden bed which is the perimeter and one taller 2' diameter raised garden bed which is placed in the center of the perimeter raised garden bed.  This is perfect for growing your cut flowers or herbs and displaying your favorite specimen plant in the center.
Each raised garden bed holds 11" of soil, which is more than sufficient to grow and enjoy your vegetables, herbs or flowers.  Using an organic soil and fertilizer to stimulate root growth for you plants will produce a thriving and abundant yield.
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Raised Garden Beds by Marleywood Garden

Hexagon Raised Garden Beds

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