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Standard Raised Bed Gardens
Many standard sizes available, from a 2X6 to a 4X16.  Also offered in custom sizes and shapes.
Raised Garden Beds by Marleywood

Raised Bed Gardens  

The best raised bed gardens
you will ever own!
Raised garden bed assembly video

Easy to
Proudy handcrafted in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, USA   
1. We offer Factory Direct Pricing.

2. Our raised garden beds are made locally right here in the USA, shipping to the continental US.

3. Made from Western Red Cedar...our beds are totally environmentally friendly and perfect for organic gardening.
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This Small Patio Planter is perfect for any area of your lawn or patio
Custom Raised Garden Beds
We can custom design garden beds in many sizes and shapes. 
Elevated Patio Planters
Standard and custom sizes
Great for a patio or deck.
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Here's what we have to offer...
Raised Garden Beds
Custom Raised Garden Beds
School Garden Kits
Elevated Patio Planters
Kids' Sandbox
Hexagon Garden Beds
Garden Benches
Trellis Kits
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4. Many standard sizes available.  If you don't see what you want , we can custom design and size or shape.

5. Our garden beds are considered to be the best and are totally child safe.

6. No unsightly exposed hardware. Assembles in minutes using our all-stainless steel connection system.
Raised garden bed connection system
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they are made!
Standard raised bed garden
Elevated patio planters
Custom designed garden beds
Custom garden beds
Garden arbor

School garden
Garden Arbors
With the integrated garden beds,
no need to install permanently.
  Perfect for grapes or climbing plants.
Custom Garden beds...
Unusual shapes fit perfectly in a backyard corner.
School Gardens
Our raised garden beds are perfect
for starting a school garden program.

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