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Raised Garden Beds

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Our kits are constructed using our proprietary stainless steel connection system, which allows you to assemble them in a matter of minutes, requiring no hardware or tools.
Raised garden bed assembly video
See how easy it is to
assemble our
raised garden beds!
Raised garden bed - 3 ft by 8 ft
Raised garden bed waiting to harvest
Brand X, the raised garden bed joints are separating
The raised garden bed pictured on the top left shows the center support brace which ensures the integrity of the raised bed, eliminating any possibility of the sides bowing due to the weight of the soil.  We include a center support brace and center posts in all our raised beds which are over 5 feet long.  Each raised garden bed can also be fitted with a
trellis kit
After assembly, all you see are clean lines without exposed unsightly nails, bolts, screws or pins.  All of the exposed edges of the wood are individually beveled and hand sanded to a furniture-like finish...no sharp corners.
Because of the superior quality and aesthetic appeal, many of our kits have been approved for use in communities governed by homeowner and condominium associations.

Because of the many requests we have received from our customers, we have introduced a deeper version in standard sizes. The sides are 16" high with the overall height being 17-1/2" high.
Our raised garden bed at the Internation Agricultural Expo
Cross section of our 16 inch high raised garden bed
3-high raised garden bed
International Agricultural Expo in Tulare, California
during the first week of February, 2013.
Note how the Center Rail is notched in to the Top & Bottom
NEW...Our 3-high version
is 16" high
3' X 8' Raised Garden Bed          
Bottom is lined with cardboard
4' X 8' Raised Garden Bed
waiting to harvest...
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Our raised garden bed joints will remain
tight and true

The best raised garden bed
you will ever own!
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