Having a
raised garden bed
in your backyard can save a lot of outdoor space, but for those climbing or vine plants, adding a trellis for a raised bed just makes sense. Save even more space in the garden by allowing plants to climb up the trellis, instead of on the ground.  It actually doubles your growing space!

Our optional raised garden bed trellis kits easily attaches to our raised garden beds and more than doubles your growing space, especially for those juicy tomatoes, cool cucumbers, crisp beans and sweet strawberries.

All components for the trellis attach using our proprietary connection system.  You can have the trellis system assembled and attached to your raised garden bed in less than 10 minutes.  Detaching an existing trellis takes even less time.
The trellis kits are designed to fit any size or configuration raised garden bed.  They are constructed of Western Red Cedar, along with our stainless steel connection system.  Each piece is individually hand sanded to a smooth finish and all exposed edges are child safe.
With raised garden bed kits over 8 feet wide, you have an option to install one (1) or two (2) trellis kits.  Due to the span distance, the trellises are limited to a maximum 8 foot span.  If you are ordering a raised garden bed 10 feet wide, it requires two (2) 5 foot trellis kits.  A 12 foot wide raised bed requires two (2) 6 foot trellis kits and the 16 foot wide raised bed needs two (2) 8 foot trellis kits.  It's not necessary to have two kits, one will suffice and it can be located on either side.
Raised garden bed trellis kit
Trellis kit for elevated patio planter
The raised bed trellis kits are offered in 6 different sizes:  2' wide, 3' wide, 4' wide, 5' wide, 6' wide, 8' wide, and each is 84" tall.  All raised beds up to 8' wide accommodate
1 trellis kit.  We also have an optional trellis kit for our
elevated patio planter
which is 4' tall.
Each trellis kit includes a special netting which is specifically made for growing vegetables.  It is a lightweight extruded white polypropylene mesh which is flexible, tear-resistant and UV stabilized.  It is resistant to bacteria, chemical agents and mold.  The life expectancy of the netting is about 5 years.
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