Benefits of a School Garden Program
School garden program using our raised garden beds
Raised garden beds with a trellis
Raised garden beds
School garden program using Marleywood raised garden beds

The following pictures are just several of the schools we were able to help in implementing their school garden program.
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Here we are helping teach a group of middle school students about organic gardening.

Two raised garden beds, one with and one without
a trellis system.  Ready for soil and planting.
Elementary School

Why our raised garden beds are perfect for your school...

• Assembles in less than 15 minutes!
• No nails, screws, bolts or pins!
• All corners are sanded to a soft round edge!
• All components are individually hand sanded...
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• Our proprietary connection system is totally concealed!
100% Child Safe!
School gardens may offer benefits to you and your students that go beyond the classroom. School gardens provide the opportunity for students, teachers, and possibly members of the community to interact. This interaction may allow for an improvement of interpersonal social skills and can teach students how to work cooperatively with each other and their elders.

Without proper care and maintenance, gardens can die or become overgrown. Giving students the responsibility to water and care for the plants they grow may instill in them a sense of accountability. Patience is another virtue that students may learn through garden participation, as plants do not grow, flower, or fruit overnight.

As the garden grows and becomes fruitful and beautiful, students can take pride in the efforts they put forth. This pride can help bolster self-esteem and allow students to take pride in the beautification of their school. In this age of urbanization, children's contact with nature is diminishing.
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School gardens are a wonderful and exciting way to make school subjects more interesting and meaningful to students. School gardens create an environment that allows for creative thought, active learning, and interpersonal skill. The garden is a living entity that can serve as an excellent resource to teach subjects while allowing students to learn in an environment that is atypical to the sterile classrooms to which most students are accustomed.
A school garden allows students to work in a non-threatening outdoor environment where they can interact and learn about nature. Studies are finding that students who are allowed to learn in an outdoor environment such as a garden have improved environmental attitudes.
Raised Garden Beds by Marleywood

School Gardens

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